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Characteristics of essential oils

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2016

1 aroma, flavor-free does not mean free, use only natural essential oils and natural plant extracts and flavor, instead of artificial flavor. So pure, mild, aromatic and pleasant effect of aromatherapy, does not irritate the skin.

2, no chemical pigment-does not mean that no color, just to replace the natural plants or bio-chemical extraction of primary colors.

3, preservative-free-natural Va, Ve, wheat germ oil, carrot oil for antioxidant to prevent product spoilage.

4, does not contain mineral oils-plant-wide air grease or fat-not greasy breathability, replacing excessively greasy mineral oil, wool, oil, moisture after use, absorbs quickly.

5, no allergies chemical composition-completely free of artificial flavors, lanolin, alcohol, chemical sunscreen agents, pigments and other allergenic ingredients and added to every use of raw materials, experiments show that the human body does not produce allergies.

6, there is no harmful chemical-use each ingredient, after safety tests and toxicity tests. Does not contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or other adverse hazardous chemicals.

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