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Classification and cleaning method of blush brush.

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 08, 2018

For sisters like making up, again good cosmetics is also need some tools to assist in makeup, makeup to reach perfection, and the use of some error or bad tool, is likely to lead to the failure of makeup look, oh, so how do we choose right cheek is red brush?

A good cheek is red also need to have to use cheek red brush to maximum polishing effect, is to do a good body, must first sharpen his, this truth in our makeup look is still very appropriate.

1 round brush

Also called the fan brush, brush holder is pure round, brushes and into a round, the most common, 90% of the market's cheek is red brush, brush shape into round, pointed, the easiest way to eat, color clear, but can have a dizzy catch, downy effect.

2 round brush

Used in a pearl powder that looks like a blush, but is like a honey powder, it can be pulled, polished, and eaten by the pearl, but not too much, or even on the whole face.

3 Angle brush

Also called trapezoidal brush, have a sense of line, can brush clear block. It is usually used in areas that require special emphasis, such as the chin, the bridge of the nose, or the outside of the eye. This brush will also be used in the repair, also known as shadow brush.

4 flat brush

Also used to brush powder, use this brush to brush the powder quality to compare, can make makeup look more lasting.

The brush is like our hair, need good care, can keep soft and bright. Clean hair brush can make up neat makeup look, dirty brush tool not only can not make beautiful makeup look, still can make makeup look big discount!

Correct cleaning steps

1. Dip the wet brush with warm water, thoroughly moisten the brush, and pay attention to the grip of the brush and the bristles of the brush to keep the brush down.

2. Pour out the washing water in the palm of your hand, or pour it into the honey powder cover with a remover or brush with clean liquid. Let the bristles occupy the adsorption, slightly dissolve the attached cosmetics. Hold the bristles in the palm of your hand to repeat the technique of grasping and releasing, so that the residual smut and color makeup of the bristles will be completely cleaned out.

3. Wash the brush with plenty of water, and clean the residual cleanser in the brush with clean water basin. (if the brush is too astringent because of detergent, use a small amount of conditioner, a little bit of hair tail, and also clean with plenty of water. Take a few paper towel or a towel with good water absorption, cover brush to press several times, make moisture as far as possible to be sucked dry, lie in ventilated place to dry can. After thoroughly drying, gently knead the hair with your fingers, and return to the loose state of the brush before using.

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