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Eyeliner Brush cleaning method

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2016

Eyeliner brush is mostly creamy product, so an eye shadow brush blush brush paint brush using powder products will be more difficult to clean. And if not even clean, after gel eyeliner caked on top, will affect the bristles and the wool, suggestion is clean after use.

1. Professional Edition: the method is cleaner drops on cotton, the brush in the brush back and forth above until the brush color. Is in need of attention, MAC, this cleaner is not need to rinse a second time, so clean after that, as long as the hair dry with a clean paper towel hold brush moisture with it.

2. the mass: the method is the same. But since many MM will not buy quality makeup brushes but with an ordinary brush, so it will not spend money on cleaning agents, then offer an alternative to cleaning agents, paint MM of eye makeup should have. That eye makeup remover oil/fluid. Follow the steps above to clean, then rinse. Then dry moisture with a paper towel, put it in the dark, airy place to dry.

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