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Glass bottle spraying process.

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2018

The spraying production line of glass bottle is usually composed of spray room, hanging chain and oven. The glass bottles are also the front water treatment, and the glass bottles are particularly concerned with the problem of sewage discharge. As for the quality of glass bottle spraying, it is related to the water treatment, surface cleaning of the workpiece, the conductive performance of the hook, the size of the air volume, the amount of powder spraying, and the level of the operator.

It is suggested to try the following methods: 1. The pretreatment section of the glass bottle includes deoiling, pre-release, main detachment and table adjustment, etc. If it is in the north, the temperature of the main part should not be too low, so it needs to be kept warm. Otherwise the processing effect is not ideal;

2. Preheating section. After treatment, it is necessary to enter the preheating section. It usually takes 8 ~ 10 minutes, and the glass bottle is best to have a certain residual heat in the sprayed workpiece when it reaches the powder room, so as to increase the adhesion of the powder.

3. Glass bottle blowing ash purification section. If the spraying workpiece process requirement is higher, the period of essential, otherwise if there are a lot of dust adsorption on artifacts, processed glass surface will have a lot of granular, lower the quality and quality;

4. Spray powder section. The most important part of this paragraph is the technical problem of the duster. To create good quality, it is worthwhile to pay the skilled master.

5. Drying section. To pay attention to is the section temperature and baking time, powder generally 180 ~ 200 degree is preferred, depending on glass, glass surface should not have oil, is apart from the powder spraying and drying furnace room shoulds not be too far, general 6 meters as well.

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