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How to grow eyelashes eyebrows

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2016

1 ya Eyelash eyebrow lipocils, ink: use no liquids on the eyelash eyebrow brush and clockwise rotating Eyelash eyebrow pen, liquid squeezed out a little, just squeeze a little at a time, you can make the brush wet

2, petroleum jelly: use petroleum jelly applied lashes, to some extent, make eyelashes thicker, stronger.

3, vitamin e vitamin e applied to Eyelash root, nourishes the lashes, Eyelash growth, thick and long. Many MM tried this method is the most secure and amazing methods.

4, extra virgin olive oil: when it comes to olive oil, but also because of the role of vitamin e in olive oil, can make the eyelashes grow.

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