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How to test lead mercury in cosmetics?

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Drops some cosmetics in clean water, if it sink in the bottom shows that contain lead, mercury and other heavy metal material, if floating on the water contain fat does not benefit the skin breathe, can dissolve in the water is the best.

Teach a trick: test of lead in cosmetics.

Objective: to test whether there is lead in skin care products or cosmetics.

Material preparation: a dime, a piece of white paper, your skin care and makeup.

P.S. dollar coin -- for better test results, it is better to use new ones. If it is already used, please wipe it clean, especially the elevation. The clean standard is that the facades of the coin (the little face that comes in contact with the table when the coin is placed on the table) won't produce any black scratches on the paper.

Testing process: will a little makeup on the white paper, wait for a while, after waiting for it on the paper, the facade of back and forth with a coin, if you don't have any change, can preliminary specification contains no lead, if turned black lead, the deeper the color, the higher the lead content.

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