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What is cosmetic dermatitis?

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Cosmetic dermatitis is a kind of contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a skin or mucous membrane contact outside the exam borders or after an allergy, cao stopper in the contact area of acute inflammation of the skin, also can gradually transforming them Pi transcripts, divided into two types, namely primary irritating and allergic. Cosmetic dermatitis also includes both types.

1. The cause of cosmetic dermatitis mainly involves both the cosmetics themselves and the users' physical qualities. Unless the individual quality sensitive improper choice of cosmetics, the quality of cosmetics, heavy metal or impurity content, preservatives, plus spices, microbial contamination, chemical toxicity of stimulation and the side effects of drugs, etc all can make it happen.

2. It can be found that there is erythema in the skin where cosmetics are used, with mild edema and blisters and blisters.

3. Do skin allergy test: apply a small amount of cosmetics to the inside or back of the forearm, then add a piece of broken glass paper and fix it with adhesive tape. 24-48 hours after observation, the test area showed itching, hot and other symptoms, that is, the cosmetics to the skin sensitization.

Note: choose proper and safe cosmetics, and control usage, use too much, too often clog pores, and may cause cosmetic dermatitis. If you feel any discomfort after use, stop using all kinds of cosmetics immediately; If the symptom is serious, must go to normal hospital dermatology treatment, do not oneself easily multipurpose or abuse the glucocorticoid outside the face, in order to prevent to cause hormone-dependent dermatitis.

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