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What lipstick ingredients

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2016

Basement: oils, waxes, softeners, solidification, lipstick lasting

Wax: most use carnauba wax, beeswax, Palm wax less melting.

Oils: mineral oil, onion oil, lanolin, paraffin oil.

Softening agents can increase color attached to the lip or moisturizing, lip gloss contain more oil and less wax.

Colouring agents: containing pigments or dyes, lipstick color will be fine-particle, uniform adhesion on the lips.

Spices and seasonings, cover taste of the ingredients mentioned above.

Composition: onion Sesame 65%, waxing 15%, 8-10% Palm wax, lanolin, 5%, colorants and aroma.

Some lipsticks with blinking effect also contains mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other ingredients. Some of the effects of bright red or dark red lipstick, ingredients may be parasitic on the cactus in cochineal (cochineal), also contains some preservation elements.

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