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How does blush brush ability brush a good complexion?

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2018

It is known that blusher is the best tool to beautify the face and beautify the skin color. It can enhance the complexion, increase the ruddy feeling of the facial skin, and create a transparent skin color. In colour makeup and integral makeup atmosphere, blush and rouge play a decisive role.

Pink and red series make the face more gorgeous. Orange, brown series can have intellectual, healthy feeling. So how to use cheek red ability to brush a good complexion?

1: cooperate with fusion contrast, face to face more stereo feeling lack of light and shade of color method can make the face more plane, facial features are not enough three-dimensional Oriental women need extra attention to this principle, be sure to use blusher and grooming depth to make face.

2: use double color cheek is red, in order to create the most natural makeup feeling monochromatic cheek is red can create the feeling of color, but quite clear and SiBanBan, if can match different cheek is red colour and lustre, makeup feeling not only can provide a sense of the color of nature, cheek is red can more vivid.

3: cheek is red on the collocation of the best tool for the fan brush because the fan brush in the brush when stress that appear like a circular arc, and the curve is the most beautiful cheek is red radian, so the best auxiliary tool is on the cheek is red.

4: in order to prevent the heavy hand, best in hand back the advance inunction method on the scariest cheek is red, the dosage of excessive error is most often made many beginners, if you can't make the appropriate balance powder amount, might as well play in hand back first, in case of one thousand.

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