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Why is essential oil packaged like a vial?

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Essential oil is natural plant essence ingredient, so features include: volatile, afraid of light, afraid of rapid changes in temperature, and so on characteristics, so you have to choose its own packaging, to save in favour of it.

First of all, the oil bottle must be sealed so that the essential oil does not evaporate and the oxygen and other substances will not react to the essential oil. Professional packaging, by the way, two layers of plastic cover, must have anticorrosive, stamped with a small hole, facilitate oil poured out, the size of the hole is very exquisite, generally make sure 1 ml is 20 drops. The outer cover is usually dark and has anti-hotlinking design. There is a cap on the market, which is not very scientific, because once the glue head is eroded by the oil molecules, it is easy to age and harden. Therefore, the use of such a lid of essential oil in general the purity of the "essential oil" is questionable.

Secondly, all refined oil bottles should be dark, including tea, dark green and dark blue. Traditional refined oil bottle with dark tea color, can effectively avoid the light to illuminate essential oil, resulting in quality decline.

Third, the material of the fine oil bottle is glass commonly, the thickness must ensure the firm of the bottle body, the fine oil bottle of good quality must pass a certain height drop test. Some essential oils are packaged in colorless, transparent glass bottles, but there is also a small aluminum can outside it to avoid light.

Essential oils of packing and there are many, such as aluminum, copper pot, they are very traditional, save more advantageous for essential oils, but due to cost considerations, many essential oils are not commonly used, only in large quantities to keep the time of essential oils, is more to use aluminium cans. As for the way various brands choose to pack, it is actually a kaleidoscope, so choose the essential oil carefully.

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