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Will future cosmetic packaging be plastic or glass bottles?

Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Who is the future cosmetic packaging material? Glass or plastic? In recent years, the growing market of cosmetics, cosmetics industry driven by strong growth in the cosmetic packing market like snowball snowball, packaging materials industry in recent years, showing a glass and plastic two dominant situation, in the future, who will grasp the ups and downs?

Glass bottle

For a long time, because of its inertia and infiltration characteristics, glass is to ensure its composition and maintain its integrity. In the consumer's impression, glass packaging beauty products reflect the quality of products, while glass packaging is the symbol of luxury goods. Because the glass is information transmission quality, purity and product protection, cosmetics packaging industry basically is in the lead in the glass, especially high-end cosmetics market, such as perfume, basically in a monopoly position.

In the short term, the glass material still has the advantage that other material cannot copy, and feel and the texture is very good, but its shortcoming also is very outstanding. In the glass of a very serious disadvantage is that the low temperature is very sensitive, and the difference in temperature between north and South China, north South cosmetics glass bottle transportation is easy craze, cause now many product developers are reluctant to use glass bottles."

The strong rise of PET plastics.

Whether in expanding the field of cosmetics or falling glass materials is no doubt that the rise of the strength of the plastic Lin Weiguang tells a reporter, "plastic bags shall not apply to the original material, now more and more popular products, market annual growth rate has doubled. Cosmetics packaging materials in the application of plastic will be more and more widely, will quickly rise in three years, it should be said that plastic instead of glass as cosmetics packaging is the trend of The Times, used in cosmetics packaging materials in recent years the rapid development of PET resin, to a certain extent will accelerate the plastic instead of glass transition."

It is understood that in recent years, with the constant demand of the cosmetics market, a large number of new materials have become the new PET of packaging market in recent years, among which PET plastic is the best one. PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate. Because it can make up for many defects in glass wood, it is touted by manufacturers. For example, its quality is lighter than glass, the transportation cost is low, can meet the requirements of the cold storage in the north. The rise of PET plastic didn't happen overnight, although PET plastic packaging materials markets are growing fast, but an undeniable fact is that even if the glass will be in the cosmetics industry is faced with many difficulties, hot demand, the growth of the packaging market continues to increase, glass manufacturers orders still.

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