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Airless Bottle Main Purpose
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Airless Bottle main purpose

Although the manufacturer uses a vacuum bottle to wrap the emulsion product, the basic purpose is to use it as a container, but the main purpose is still to take advantage of the appearance of this bottle in order to effectively enhance the appearance of the product. Specifically, the application of this bottle point of view, you can use these in the following play these roles:

Equipment emulsion products: emulsion-like products, not as solid products as a direct use of soft materials for packaging, so not only not easy to store and transport, is not conducive to the product is not subject to pollution, the need to use vacuum bottles such bottles, the emulsion Product device up. Equipment emulsion products, it is this bottle can play out the most basic role.

To enhance the display of products: the relationship between the material, vacuum bottles in their own appearance and processing have the advantage, to show a variety of colors, in appearance, according to the advantages. So that the bottle will be able to use the time to their own appearance in the advantages of effective products to enhance the display effect.

Promote product sales: the effect of the emulsion product in a vacuum bottle, in the case of bottle design optimization, to the unique appearance of the bottle to attract consumers, thereby promoting sales from the product, to a certain extent, improve product sales.

These are the functions that vacuum bottles can play in their use, and by virtue of these effects, they are well suited for use in packaging of emulsion products. Acrylic cream bottle on the wide range of cosmetic packaging applications, mainly by its many advantages and characteristics to promote the first. Which has the advantages of this cream bottle, there are the following:

Beautiful appearance: As the acrylic cream bottle with the characteristics of plastic materials, easy to produce in the production, but also easy to color, in the structural shape and color rich diversity, to achieve a higher visual level. At the same time this cream bottle with the characteristics of glass materials, can show a crystal-like high-grade texture. So this cream bottle, with a beautiful appearance of this advantage.

Conducive to transport: acrylic cream bottle like plastic materials like drop, like glass material has a very good anti-aging properties, so cream bottle is not easy because of the impact of external forces and other aspects easily damaged, so it must have the benefit of transport This advantage, without the need for high packaging in the transport requirements at the same time, it will not be in the transport process to the manufacturers to bring losses.

Good economy: Acrylic cream bottle of raw material prices are not high, easy to process, do not need to spend too much cost in the processing process, so it has a very good economy, do not need to spend too much application costs.

Beautiful appearance, conducive to transport and economy is good, that is, acrylic cream bottle has the main advantages, it is these advantages contributed to the optimization of the application of cream bottles.

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