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Airless Bottle Not Easy To Break
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

Airless Bottle Not easy to break

Vacuum bottles play an important role in the cosmetics industry

Now people use some of the cosmetics bottles, many of which are used to squeeze a vacuum bottle, we can be used when the press can be, and very convenient.

Cosmetics vacuum bottle if it is squeeze, then you need to have a better choice of the material of the bottle, it should not be broken, it is best to choose the plastic material, not easy to break, and bear the pressure Is also relatively strong. In general, the bottle filled with cosmetics are inside the bottle will have a free activity of the site, and then use the process will slowly move to the top, until the bottle inside the things about to run out when the tray will be At a distance from the top of the bottle.

And then open the lid, and then can move the tray to the bottom, should be many times the bottle rinse, because the skin care products need to be relatively clean, and then you can put into the cosmetics, and if the pressure is not big enough, then you can try With a lot of press a few times, and then you can more easily squeeze out the cosmetics.

The above is our brief introduction to the vacuum bottle of cosmetics, I believe we have to understand the role of the vacuum bottle, of course, we use the process to pay attention to careful operation. source

With the development of industrial technology, some of the goods on the market for the packaging of goods more stringent requirements, especially food and a variety of drugs and cosmetics packaging, so the demand for vacuum bottles more and more The more goods used in this form of packaging, then the role of this bottle what is it?

First of all, the role of the vacuum bottle is the vacuum word, because the characteristics of the vacuum makes the bottle of material and the outside world to achieve absolute isolation, to avoid the outside air for chemical or biological reactions, the other because the bottle vacuum, making bacteria and other microorganisms can not Survival, this way to lead to the absolute safety of the bottle.

Second, for some health care products, or cosmetics, the need to ensure high quality, and to avoid pollution in the storage or when there are other problems, but now use the vacuum bottle packaging cosmetics and health care products will not There is a problem, so the role is to ensure that the items within the bottle has a longer shelf life.

This is the most important role of vacuum bottles, I believe that people can understand this point of contact, but also to understand the advantages of this guarantee, which is the health care products market more use of vacuum bottles for packaging the main reason, so the purchase of health care Goods and other types of goods when the best choice to use vacuum packaging products.

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