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Airless Bottle Working Principle
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Airless Bottle working principle

Now a lot of cosmetics are used in the vacuum bottle, which can be separated from the material and air to prevent the emergence of oxidative deterioration and bacterial harmful substances. However, I believe we are not working for its principle is not a special understanding, the following we will introduce. Now we often see the vacuum bottle is composed of ellipsoidal containers and a piston, through the force of the spring, the use of shrinkage force to let the air into the bottle, and then use the atmospheric pressure to let the piston forward. But we must pay attention to is not able to make the piston and the wall between the shrinkage is too large, otherwise we are not easy to advance. Of course, if the special force can advance the same will affect the normal use, there is leakage of the situation, so the requirements of the manufacturers high. It can be said that the launch of the vacuum bottle brought us a great convenience, especially for the female cosmetics industry. Can effectively guarantee the quality of the product, keep freshness. But because the structure of the vacuum is more complex, so the price is relatively high. Now the vacuum bottle we are in the use of not a lot. I believe that with the expansion of consumer demand will be more and more progress, to meet the different grades of skin care products fresh demand. Through the above description I believe we have a considerable understanding of the vacuum bottle, we all understand the role of this bottle, I believe the future application will be more extensive.

Vacuum bottles in the field of cosmetics used the most extensive, but often contact with cosmetics people found that the vacuum bottle is difficult to clean, if the cleaning is not clean, the bottle part of the residual cosmetics, a long time to breed bacteria, can no longer use, We list a few cleaning methods.

First, rice rinse

First put about a quarter of the water in the bottle, and then put more than a dozen grains of rice, widowed lid cap shaking hard two or three minutes, you can also shake the bottle up and down, so that the bottle will be washed more fully The Finally, the bottle of water poured out, and then washed with water several times on it, this method is the most simple and convenient. If the residue in the bottle is too much, you can repeat it several times.

Second, broken eggshell

Eat eggs left eggshell can also be used to put the eggshell crushed into the bottle and then add boiling water, must be boiling water, the water can burn a few times, this method is also good results.

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