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Bags Development
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 25, 2018

After 20 years of rapid development, China's luggage and bag industry has accounted for more than 70 percent of the global market. China's box and bag industry has occupied a dominant position in the world. It is not only the global manufacturing center, but also the world's largest consumer market. China's luggage industry is facing unprecedented challenges. In labor shortages and rising prices of raw materials, the appreciation of the renminbi, as well as the acceleration of industrial transfer under the impact of factors, not only to sell bags industry bring many unstable factors, but also make the bags the survival and development of exhibition industry into an awkward role, indicates China bags exhibition industry shakeout time has come.

With the development of the handbag, luggage industry in China exhibition also have sprung up, in addition to Hong Kong, guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing and other cities outside the mainstream of the exhibition, each big industry base in the luggage industry exhibition emerge in endlessly, relative size and more mature with jinjiang, wenzhou, dongguan, chengdu and other places of the exhibition.

After the 21st century, the number of Chinese enterprises visiting the box and bag exhibitions at home and abroad has also increased, with a large number of Chinese enterprises attending almost every exhibition every quarter. The appearance of many enterprises at exhibitions at home and abroad has played a very important role in promoting the production and trade of China's luggage industry.

With the readjustment of China's box and bag industry and the advent of the era of big shuffle. China's luggage industry is forming a new industrial pattern. Influence factors of transfer of these belong to the traditional labor-intensive industries, depending on the cost of land, labor, logistics market and in the middle and lower reaches of industry of form a complete set, including land and labor is the most direct factor. Industry reshuffle, exhortation is retreating, closed or hard skills, blaze new trails, grasped the nettle and seize the development opportunity of the industry adjustment, to a new round of great development, it is two roads in front of merchants.

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