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Cosmetics Packaging Design Ideas
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2018

Nowadays women are the main consumers in the market, especially in the cosmetics industry. They have unique views on beauty, strong sense of self and delicate feeling. How to design the packaging of cosmetic products according to their psychological characteristics to meet their love of beauty, superiority and vanity, so as to increase the sales of cosmetics products. Therefore, for cosmetics manufacturers, it is more important to improve the packaging taste of cosmetics.

I. purpose of cosmetic packaging design

Cosmetics packaging needs to have a certain purpose. First of all, the positioning idea of packaging design should be carried out, which is a design guideline with strategic vision. Without positioning, there will be no purpose, pertinence, and audience target. Therefore, products will not be sold, which will lose the significance of packaging design in the new era.

2. Personality characteristics of cosmetic packaging design

Packaging is designed for products and products come from enterprises. Undoubtedly, packaging design reflects the cultural image of enterprises. The image of cosmetics brands is mainly women, and women of different images are favored by consumers of different consumer spending levels. Packaging design is the most intuitive manifestation of corporate image. Therefore, xi 'an momei packaging design believes that the brand introduction and publicity information must be clear. Secondly, product information must be complete. Cosmetics are mainly sold for their functions. Different functions are targeted at different consumer groups.

3. Cosmetic packaging design needs to cater to different textures.

Cosmetics have different textures, or powdery, or liquid, so each package will be made according to the different textures. The inner packaging must be designed according to the individual packaging. From the appearance and shape to the internal structure, it should be considered from the perspectives of protecting products, facilitating transportation and environmental protection. Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics requires more detailed investigation and testing in the early stage.

The packaging design of cosmetics is restricted by local laws and regulations.

China announced in September 2008 to legislation of cosmetics packaging, and put into practice in January 2009, whether domestic or imported, must follow the packaging regulations including: 1. No more than three layers of packaging; 2. The packaging volume shall not exceed 45% of the product volume; 3. The value of packaging shall not exceed 15% of the value of the product itself. These special restrictions for cosmetics packaging for cosmetics packaging creative play room is more narrow, restrictions make cosmetics packaging to the same trend, also increased the difficulty of the cosmetics packaging design.

Packaging is clothes, cosmetics designed this "clothes" not only can attract women consumers, also can bring women psychological satisfaction, but also nots allow to ignore to the immanent quality of product. Therefore, to make the product "xiuhuizhong" to meet various consumer needs, in the cosmetics industry can stand firm!

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