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Environment-friendly material non-woven
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmental protection materials, with water repellent, breathable, flexible, non-combustion-supporting, non-toxic, non-irritating, rich color characteristics. If the non-woven fabric is placed outside and decomposed naturally, its maximum life is only 90 days. It is decomposed indoors within 5 years. It is a new type of fiber product with soft, breathable and flat surface structure formed by high polymer slice, short fiber or long wire through various forming methods and consolidation techniques. It has the environmental protection property that plastic products do not have, and its time of natural degradation is far lower than that of plastic bags. Therefore, non-woven fabric bag is also recognized as the most economical shopping bag.

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