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Different Types Of Cosmetic Packaging Customized Solutions And Classification
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2018

Because of the nature of cosmetic itself, its class difference is very obvious, so its packaging form is also different because of the product. With the refinement of the functions and functions of cosmetics, the difference of the consumption objects and the difference of the class, the classification and packaging customization of cosmetics are different and suitable for their own characteristics. In the context of its external form and the adaptability of packaging, cosmetics packaging can be divided into liquid and emulsion cosmetics packaging, solid granule (powder), cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaging and paste packaging solid.

1. Customized packaging of liquid and emulsion cosmetics.

Among all cosmetics, this kind of cosmetics has the largest variety and quantity, the packaging form is very various, basically have: all sorts of modelling and specification plastic bottle, want to go through delicate decorate printing commonly. Polyfilm bags of plastic bags, often used for cosmetic economic bags or lower grade cosmetics packaging. Various shape and size of glass bottle, including the jar and narrow mouth bottle, is commonly used in the upscale cosmetics or volatile, easy penetration, cosmetics packaging, containing organic solvent such as nail polish, hair color, such as water, perfume and toner packaging.

The above packaging forms are also applicable to the paste cosmetic packaging. These packaging forms are sometimes combined with the color printing paper box to form the sales packaging of cosmetics together with the color printing paper box, so as to improve the level of cosmetics.

2. Solid granular (powder) cosmetic packaging customization.

This kind of cosmetic powder, talcum powder and other granular, powder) products, often adopts the way of packing mainly has the carton, composite box (with cylindrical box type), glass (wide mouth, small), metal box, plastic box, plastic bottles (wide mouth, small), composite film bag, etc. In general, packaging containers are beautifully decorated and printed, while plastic and metal containers are often packaged in beautifully printed cartons.

3. Solid cosmetic packaging customization.

There are relatively few kinds of solid cosmetics, mainly eyebrow pencil, powder cake, lipstick, etc. The packaging of this kind of cosmetics is simpler.

4. Spray packaging of cosmetics.

Spray packaging has the advantages of being accurate, effective, convenient, hygienic, quantitative on demand and so on. Cosmetics such as hair mousse and hairspray are used in this packaging. Commonly used spray packaging containers are metal spray tanks, glass spray tanks and plastic spray tanks.

Cosmetics have various names and functions, and the above is the classification of their external form and packaging adaptability. The Ming hui color printing thinks, there are many types of cosmetics, different cosmetics have different requirements on packing, in cosmetics packaging increasingly mature today, refinement is guangzhou cosmetics packaging packaging customization of another to pursue.

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