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Do You Understand The Consumer Trap In Wedding Photography
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Marriage is an event in everyone's life, many people will move into the new marriage pay special attention to this link for their wedding photos, it's even willing to pay big money to show the photos of good times in life. However, in the wedding photography consumption environment, there are bad wedding photography operators through qiaozhi, consumer inducement and other ways to set consumption trap, to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Hubei province consumer commission reminds new people to pay attention to the following matters during wedding shooting and consumption:

There will be extra money for extra clothes

When choosing wedding photo package, new people tend to fall into the consumption trap of bad merchants by ignoring the details of signing the contract, thus spending more money in vain.

Remind: when choosing wedding packages, new people to talk about the merchant package contains the content clearly, such as several sets of wedding dresses, accessories, and the range of selection, and the related content is written in the contract, otherwise it may in the filming, because a lot of new style wedding dresses and accessories are not in your package, and are extra charge.

Make-up artists recommend cosmetics for a fee

For their wedding photos, the couple, when make up some makeup artist will recommend new series of expensive cosmetics and efficacy said, fantastic persuade consumers to buy, and many new afraid not buy recommended products, makeup girl wouldn't attentively for its service, and passive to buy expensive cosmetics.

Remind: if new people encounter such situation, suggest euphemistic refuse, also can communicate with makeup artist ahead of time, buy in advance according to actual need oneself take.

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