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Eyeliner Brush Classification
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Eyeliner Brush Classification 

Classification editor

Emulsion eyeliner express strong, easy to fall off after coloring, drawing lines are more smooth. But because of the thickness of the tip of the pen is limited, draw the line thickness is not easy to change, so the use of this type of eyeliner, should be prepared to replace a pen tip, so that both can describe the delicate, smooth lines, Coarse soft lines.

Because of this eyeliner painted lines clear enough, you can also use your fingers to draw the lines gently halo, full of eye shadow. This is both quick and harmonious. Pencil type eyeliner use, carry are very convenient, the price is low, is the average wage female carry things. But its expressive force is weak, easier to fall off after coloring, suitable for short-term use when used. In the work and daily life, it is one of your tools at any time makeup. Because this type of eyeliner coloring elegant, soft, you can repeatedly depict, so it is suitable for beginners to draw eyeliner. You will not because of a mistake, and destroy the carefully painted face makeup, this eyeliner for you to provide the opportunity to modify the wrong. This eyeliner painted lines can be thick and thin, color can be thick and light, like the makeup of the girl, it is also the best choice. If you want to color some thicker eyeliner, you can describe a few times.

According to our oriental skin color and eye color, dark gray and dark brown eyeliner is the best choice. If your face is dark or yellow, you should choose a dark gray eyeliner to make your eyes more prominent; if your face is healthy pink or white, choose dark brown eyeliner, can make your Eyes look spirited, full of charm.

Comparison with Eyeliner

Eyeliner generally have a natural, soft features, you can draw a natural level of makeup, more eyeliner than the palm

grip. But most easy to halo makeup, after the application, you can follow the shape of the eyeliner, pressure on the same color of the eye shadow powder can improve the problem of halo makeup. Waterproof eyeliner (liquid) need to use a special remover remover. Eyeliner generally do not blooming, use lines smooth, clear, eye makeup realistic, prominent. But the eyeliner must be coated several times, and do not dip too much, less dip more to take, the pen tip must be close to the eyelashes, and the back of the cotton bobes to maintain a uniform effect. In addition, it is recommended that beginners use slightly thicker pen products, because the bristles are harder and easier to grasp.

Sketch of eyeliner skills

1. To light, pen light, you can avoid drawing too heavy, too thick or too thick eyeliner.

2. To take "progressive" overlapping color painting, slowly depict the eyeliner.

3. You can gently rushed a layer of foundation or powder, so that eyeliner makeup lasting effect, not easy to halo, and can inhibit the eye of the oil situation.

4. to avoid drawing eyeliner, this old style of painting, the whole eyes outline, but too prominent, very unnatural.

5. Do not let eyeliner and eyelids have a gap between, will make the proportion of the eyes become very strange.

6. try to draw near the roots of eyelashes, eyelashes can strengthen the sense of thick.

7. Eyeliner or eye shadow powder, painted near the part of the eye, gently push with your fingers, you can create a rhinoceros-like effect, so that the nose becomes more three-dimensional.

8. Eyeliner color is also very important, foolproof color is still dark brown, iron gray and black, these three colors are suitable for oriental people; bright colors such as: orange, red and gold, should be with the eye Of the make-up to match, otherwise the painting is not good, and the color of the pupil is not coordinated.

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