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Eyeliner Brush Eyeliner
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Eyeliner Brush Eyeliner

Eyeliner and eyeliner which is easy to use 1, eyeliner advantages: Eyeliner is the most traditional painting line of the tool, the color selection is more comprehensive and easy to color. In addition, because of its hard pen heart, so easy to operate, especially for beginners to use. Disadvantages: when the line is not easy to grasp the thickness of the line, so sometimes it looks so natural, and easy to halo makeup and Tuozhuang, greatly improving the probability of panda eyes. 2, eyeliner Advantages: a texture, a sense of line quite clear, lasting makeup, not easy to halo makeup. Disadvantages: because it is liquid reasons, the use of more difficult, often need to practice.

  1. Comparison of the use of difficulty: the eyeliner and eyeliner compared to both the higher the difficulty of eyeliner. This is due to eyeliner is not easy to blooming, do not agree to modify. So eyeliner eyeliner with the best at one go, and need to hone their own skills. 2. Actual makeup contrast: eyeliner eyeliner makeup effect more durable, not easy to blooming, the color is relatively dark. Compared with the eyeliner, eyeliner painted makeup effect is more natural, difficult to integrate with the eye shadow. 3. Comparison of the two control: hard eyeliner more difficult to master, it is recommended beginners can consider eyeliner and soft eyeliner pencil. Eyeliner pen strokes out of the eyeliner, colorful, easy to Tuozhuang; and use, the pen fluent. More prominent point is that most of the eyeliner pen pen more detailed, repeated depict difficult to control the thickness of eyeliner lines. If you have to use eyeliner, make-up beginners suitable for hard-eyed eyeliner pen, because it is easier to master. Need to remind the point is that eyeliner pen can not draw the effect of smoked, but also can not make a sense of blooming layering. So, eyeliner pen for the general level of makeup people. Eyeliner Eyeliner, shape similar to the pencil, pencil sharpener or knife can be used to cut off the excess wood part. Compared to eyeliner pencil, eyeliner easy to color, easy to control color, easy to blooming. In general, make-up beginners are suitable for eyeliner eyeliner, because the pencil pen is more soft, not easy to hurt fragile skin. To be improved after the make-up skills, and then to use other eyeliner tool is more suitable. But in the eyeliner before the eyeliner to apply a powder, you can easily solve the problem of eyeliner blooming.

The former is not easy to grasp, the latter easy to dissolve the use of basic skills, no matter what kind of can be painted as invisible in the eyelashes in the natural eyeliner, but also highlights the bright eyes Oh! 1: the use of general eyeliner or eyeliner with eyeliner, from the eye began to draw a thin eyeliner lines. In the eyes of the eyelashes to describe the eyes, as filled with eyelashes root-like links out of the line, as close as possible to the edge of the eyelids in order to make eyeliner as invisible as beautiful. The end of the eye to pull up, and to slightly out of the contours of the eye, this way, the eye contour will be more obvious, you can from the eye to the eye part of the painting back. 2: the use of eyeliner pen when the first cut into a flat shape easier to describe, as from the eye part of the beginning to draw, to the eyes part of the suspension. , From the end of the eye part of the eye to draw back, connected to the eye from the eye before the lines, eye part of the lines can be thicker than the eye lines. Part of the eyeliner can also use the eyeliner to draw the natural lines, in order to make the natural effect of make-up, under the eyeliner as long as the end of the eye part of the eye can be painted! Some users want to know "eyeliner and eyeliner which is good? What is the difference?", So the United States Xiaobian will eyeliner and eyeliner for a detailed comparative analysis. Eyeliner, whether it is makeup, makeup or bare makeup, are essential steps. For small eyes people, the eyeliner can play to increase the role of the eye, while improving the embarrassment of eye swelling. Old words have clouds, work to do good things must first of its profits. So you want to draw a good eyeliner, the first to understand their own use of the tools. Even if not proficient, but also on the market sales of eyeliner, eyeliner liquid fluid products have a contrast understanding. Eyeliner can draw fine eyeliner, and the use of eyeliner eyeliner, it is not easy to blooming. Have their own characteristics, each with advantages.

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