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Eyeliner Brush Strong Performance
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

Eyeliner Brush Strong performance

Emulsion eyeliner express strong, easy to fall off after coloring, drawing lines are more smooth. But because of the thickness of the tip of the pen is limited, draw the line thickness is not easy to change, so the use of this type of eyeliner, should be prepared to replace a pen tip, so that both can describe the delicate, smooth lines, Coarse soft lines.

Because of this eyeliner painted lines clear enough, you can also use your fingers to draw the lines gently halo, full of eye shadow. This is both quick and harmonious. Pencil type eyeliner use, carry are very convenient, the price is low, is the average wage of women to carry things. But its expressive force is weak, easier to fall off after coloring, suitable for short time when used. In the work and daily life, it is one of your tools at any time makeup. Because this type of eyeliner coloring elegant, soft, can be repeatedly painted, so it is suitable for beginners to draw eyeliner. You will not because of a mistake, and destroy the carefully painted face makeup, this eyeliner to provide you with the opportunity to modify the wrong. This line of eyeliner to draw the lines can be thick and fine, color can be thick and light, like the makeup of the girls like makeup, it is also the best choice. If you want to color some thicker eyeliner, you can describe a few times.

According to our oriental skin color and eye color, dark gray and dark brown eyeliner is the best choice. If your face is dark or yellow, you should choose a dark gray eyeliner in order to make your eyes more prominent; if your face is healthy pink or white, choose dark brown eyeliner, can make your Eyes look spirited, full of charm.

When the first draw eyeliner, each person's painting are not the same. Eyeliner painted up later, will repeat the painting several times.

So the first painting of the proposed eyeliner, first use eyeliner painted.

1, grip eyeliner

And the method of holding the pencil is the same, the more the better control of the lines in front, before the first pen rounded.

2, light pull eyelids

The mirror on the body 20 cm away from the eyes down to see, with the ring finger gently pull up the eyelids.

3, from the end of eye painting

Close to the roots of eyelashes, from the end of the eye to the corner of the sub-painted, each section remained at 2 mm.

4, repeated drawing

First with the index finger to the nose to the nose direction, and then painted from the corner to the end of the eye, so that eyeliner looks slim.

5, painted under the eyeliner

First with the ring finger light down the eyelids, and then close to the eyelashes from the end of the eye to the eye painted under the eyeliner.

6, to strengthen the corner

With eyeliner along the eyelashes root painted to the corner of the eye, to create the corner of the eyeliner gradually retreat effect.

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