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Glass Jars Classified As Follows
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Glass jars Classified as follows

Classification of glass packaging containers

There are many types of glass containers, which are classified as follows:

(1) Sort by bottle size

① small bottle mouth. It is the bottle diameter less than 20mm glass bottles, used for packaging liquid materials, such as soft drinks, beer and so on.

② big bottle mouth. Also known as canned bottles, bottle diameter greater than 30mm, the neck and shoulder shorter, more flat shoulder, mostly canned or cup. As the bottle is large, loading and discharge are easier, and more for packaging canned food and viscous materials.

(2) according to the bottle geometry classification

① round bottle. The bottle section is round, is the most widely used bottle type, high strength.

② square bottle. The bottle cross section is square, this bottle is less compact than the round bottle, and the manufacture is more difficult, so use less.

③ curved bottle. Although the cross section is round, but in the direction of the height of the curve, by the concave and convex two, such as vase, gourd-style, the form of novel, very popular with users.

④ oval bottle. Cross-section of the oval, although the smaller capacity, but the shape of a unique, users are also very fond of.

(3) according to the use of classification

① wine bottles. Alcohol production is very large, almost all with glass bottles, mainly to round bottles.

② daily packaging glass bottles. Usually used for packaging a variety of daily commodities, such as cosmetics, ink, glue, etc., because many types of goods, so the bottle shape and sealing is also diverse.

③ canned bottles. Canned food types, large output, so self-contained. Multi-purpose jar, the capacity is generally 0.2 ~ 0.5L.

④ bottle of medicine. This is used to package the glass bottles of drugs, a capacity of 10 ~ 200mL brown mouth mouthlets, 100 ~ 1000mL infusion bottles, completely sealed security

⑤ bottles of chemical reagents. For the packaging of various chemical reagents, the capacity is generally 250 ~ 1200mL, the bottle is mostly screw or grinding mouth.

(4) according to different color classification

There are colorless transparent bottles, white bottles, brown bottles, green bottles and blue bottles.

(5) Classification by bottleneck shape

There are bottles, no bottles, bottles, short neck bottles, thick bottles and bottles, and so on

According to product technology experts, glassware is the key to good or bad material. Kitchen glassware according to different materials, can be divided into ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glass three types. Ordinary glass has fragile weaknesses, and tempered glass is more used in automotive glass, bath bins, telephone booths and other fields, but when the ambient temperature suddenly changes, it is likely to break, it is not suitable for Often need to use the kitchen in the heating. Compared with the tempered glass, heat-resistant glassware, although the impact resistance is weaker, but it has a strong heat resistance, and will not release harmful substances, use more secure, peace of mind. The heat-resistant glass used in the Glass Series contains high temperature resistant boric acid, and even if it is subjected to a large temperature difference between "two days", the safety factor is higher during use.

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