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Glass Jars Glass Material
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

Glass jars Glass material

Select the glass bottle material must be pure

Many people like to use glass bottles to raise some flowers, in fact, the use of glass bottles in our lives a lot of the market there are many types, but how do we choose? The most critical is the material problem.

Choose glass bottles, we must look at the material is pure? If the glass material impure, there will be above the "pattern" "bubble" "sand" and other issues.

1, pattern

Refers to the glass surface of the stripes, if it is rough, hand touch when you can feel, if it is fine lines need to look at the light to see.

2, bubble

Refers to the vitreous body because the air and the formation of a small hole, in accordance with the reasons for the formation of these small holes can be divided into bubble and operation bubble.

3, sand

Refers to the glass body is not melting white granular silica sand, that is, particles loaded impurities. Plastic packaging, low cost, light and many other advantages, making the plastic packaging in the past period of time quickly replaced a lot of traditional packaging.

During that time the glass bottles in many markets have been missed, the market share of glass bottles is compressed very powerful. A lot of glass manufacturers and therefore closed, once the glass bottle business confidence in the market. However, boil down will eventually get bright, and now the glass bottle began to return to the market.

First of all, with the market diversification and individual needs continue to emerge, some high-end food, beverage packaging in order to distinguish with the traditional packaging to create a different consumer demand, have begun to use glass bottles for packaging, making the glass Market share began to return. Second, the plastic bottle packaging in food, medicine is closely related to the field of human health, facing more and more questions, the safety of plastic packaging for consumers to worry about, many manufacturers in view of market concerns, began to use glass bottles to packaging Products, which makes the market share of glass bottles began to rise. Finally, the glass bottle packaging some of the inherent market, with the development of the downstream market, order demand is also constantly growing among them.

We hope that this form of glass packaging can have a long life, of course, this is inseparable from our manufacturers of innovation and efforts.

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