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Lipstick Homemade
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2018

When making lipstick oneself can use small funnel to put the lipstick that hasn't solidified into lipstick tube commonly.

How to make your own lipstick:

Ingredients: beeswax 5cc/ml(1 TSP), honey 30cc/ml(6 TSP), natural vegetable oil 10cc/ml(2 TSP), simple emulsifier 1cc/ml(about 1/4 TSP and 8 mins full)

Efficacy: moisturize and moisturize the lips, making them soft and bright

Method: first the vegetable oil and honey, and wax after placed in a bowl, put in the microwave oven or pot heating 1-2 minutes until beeswax dissolves strike will be heated oil and wax into the cream jar, coupled with the simple emulsifier after shaking force uniform, stay cool solidification can be used.

Usage: apply the prepared lip balm to the lips at any time

Shelf life: about two years. Keep the product in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

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