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Lotion Bottle Emulsion Bottle Packaging
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

Lotion Bottle Emulsion bottle packaging

In the past for a long time, many domestic female consumers in the consumption of emulsion bottles have a strong Chongyang heart. However, with the development of the market, people are increasingly ideal for consumption of cosmetics, domestic cosmetics are also rising. People look from the appearance of cosmetic packaging, the brand began to pay more attention to the cosmetics itself. With the change of people's consumption habits, the emulsion bottle packaging also began to look from the appearance of luxury fine to practical simple, easy to use characteristics of change.

For the emulsion bottle packaging in the past more tend to use glass, acrylic, metal packaging of these materials, the market is also the packaging of the emulsion packaging which accounted for the main market share. However, with the emergence of consumer rational consumption, emulsion bottle packaging will tend to hose, the general material plastic packaging

In recent years, for many female consumers, from the ordinary online shopping to the sea Amoy, more or less have bought fake low-quality cosmetics experience. It can be said that the proliferation of counterfeit cosmetics, making a lot of people suffer. Which is one of the reasons, mainly lies in the current market, the emulsion bottle packaging security is too weak, manufacturers do not attach importance. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance of the emulsion bottle packaging. For cosmetics manufacturers, to enhance the anti-counterfeit bottle bottles, can effectively combat counterfeit cosmetics, enhance product sales, maintain brand image, so the emulsion bottle security has a very important role. For individual consumers, the emulsion bottle packaging security enhancements, is conducive to consumers to easily identify the authenticity of cosmetics, to avoid being fake and shoddy cosmetics deception.

Emulsion bottles of anti-counterfeiting performance, the need for cosmetics manufacturers in the design and production of all aspects of continuous improvement. Plastic containers are hollow plastic containers made by various processing methods. It has the characteristics of light and light, easy to form the scale of production. Can be made into a variety of sizes, transparent, opaque and a variety of colors of the bottle. Plastic container printing performance is very good, you can use thermal transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods to the instructions, logo, bar code directly on the plastic bottle surface. As the plastic containers have a variety of excellent performance, so become the most important drugs and cosmetics packaging containers.

Replacement of glass with plastic as a cosmetic packaging container makes cosmetics easier to carry and ensure safety. Through the efforts, plastic products have been made only glass only transparent features, can be packaged with a variety of chemicals. Therefore, it is a comprehensive improvement in the field of large capacity of the production of Lu. Such as shampoo, conditioner and so on. The main materials used are PE, PP, PVC, PET, PETG and so on. In addition to the bottle itself, the distribution of the role of the pump and compression cap is also very important, directly related to the product sealing.

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