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Lotion Bottle Is The Packaging Material
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Lotion Bottle Is the packaging material

"Small dropper" disadvantage: every time left a little bit, can not escape the name of a waste

Usually the pipe design of the pipe head can not reach the bottom of the bottle, and when the product used the last point when the dropper will be inhaled part of the air, it can not be used up, compared to the vacuum pump design far waste.

Editors Weapon: the design principle of the small dropper is the use of pressure pump extraction, the essence of the bottle to suck up, with half of the essence found to absorb the method is very simple, with the first way to push the nose of the drip, Is squeeze dropper, it will squeeze the dropper to put it back into the bottle, do not let go tighten the bottle; if it is push-type dropper, put back into the bottle when the need to fully press the tube to ensure that The air was completely squeezed out. So the next use, just gently open the bottle, do not need to squeeze, the essence is enough to use the.

In front of the finished bottle design, the next thing to say is the packaging material, loaded Sheng care of the container material can be described as varied, mainly for the plastic, glass and metal three types of materials. You have not thought about, which one is most used? Which is the most suitable for the most stable?

"Small dropper" advantage: get the amount of quasi-use, anti-pollution

Essence is mostly water-like essence, and is rich in nutrients, is very suitable for bacterial reproduction. In order to avoid foreign objects (including hand) direct contact with the essence, small eyedropper is an important way to reduce pollution products. While the amount can be more accurate, effectively avoid a waste.

Rotten street material - plastic, the proportion of up to 80%

Advantages: high degree of change, a variety of size specifications, shape, color, transparent, opaque can be done. Light weight, easy to transport, good printability, recyclable and so on.

Disadvantages: not heat, light barrier is not enough, poor solvent resistance (especially oil). Therefore, the plastic container appears the first bottleneck is not high temperature steam sterilization, can not be washed with water, can not light sterilization. In addition, consider the stability of the contents, some care items, not suitable for installation in plastic containers. The most stable and most assured material - glass, followed by the proportion of 8%

Advantages: heat, light, solvent resistance, absolute win. The deeper the color, more conducive to anti-oxidation, anti-aging, whitening effect of the preservation of skin care products, because these ingredients are high, very susceptible to light. So, unless it is poor quality of the glass, the most suitable for living goods is a glass container.

Disadvantages: In addition to easy to break, refused as a child's toys, the basic can not think of any shortcomings, of course, if you know is the glass material, and will not be easy to be caught off the location.

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