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Lotion Bottle Packaging Field
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Lotion Bottle Packaging field

In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of the technical level, the development of packaging gradually highlights the individualized manifestation and innovation, the introduction and application of new technology and new technology, the development and replacement of new environmentally friendly materials and other characteristics, safe and convenient packaging will be more Welcome the market. After China's accession to the WTO, the global brand management has become an important strategy for international competition. Brand development, brand education and brand innovation have also been paid more and more attention by domestic enterprises. Although there is no international brand rich brand management experience and lack of successful brand Operation of the management methods, but the Chinese national enterprises are still constantly exploring, in innovation and development. To cosmetics, detergent industry, for example, although people still have their minds white porcelain green iron cover, antique, affordable "big friendship" cream impression, but this was in the 80's reputation over the country, with billion Million customers of the old brand, and now only by virtue of the increasingly cut consumer groups to maintain its meager sales. The involvement of foreign information, the use of new technologies, the emergence of new products, and overwhelming packaging and publicity, the purpose of only one - for every hesitant customer. In the great wealth of goods today, do not change, not innovation, we must be eliminated.

For novelty products, if the use of innovative packaging, then the customer's influence will be greatly enhanced. Another novel packaging can add a glorious and attractive appeal to a very common product. In the personal care products and perfume market, product packaging has become a retail shelf can quickly lock the eyes of consumers an important factor. Because contemporary consumers have gradually understood the packaging design, from the mass market to the upscale shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are increasingly focused on packaging innovation and unconventional. Out of the strong competition for end-consumer attention, many packaging suppliers believe that product design becomes more important than ever. Individualized demand driven custom production (for different consumer demand for personalized production model) the continuous development of patented molds popular in the industry enterprises. China's cosmetics packaging materials in the direction of the general sense of the "cosmetics" actually includes skin care products, beauty salons and perfume and other categories. According to the Chinese spice fragrance cosmetics industry association of the relevant personnel, all kinds of eye cream, night cream, SOD honey and sunscreen can be classified as skin care products, shampoo, conditioner, hair water, lipstick, eyebrow pencil Oil and other cosmetics can be classified as beauty salons supplies, and perfume can always be a self. Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, it requires high-quality packaging materials to enhance its worth.

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