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Name Of Mould For Producing Glass Bottle
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2018

Production of all kinds of glass bottles and glass products must have the corresponding mold!

1. A complete set of molds consists of the following components:

1: initial model:? It is to first need to produce the product shape in the initial mold

2: molding:? It is the main mould for product forming

3: funnel:? It is the first step before glass solution falls from the automatic separating machine into the initial mould

4: sulking:? It is the glass solution after falling into the initial mold with the initial mold to complete the initial processing and molding parts

5: die:? It is the mold that bottle mouth finalizes a design also is the tool that glass bottle finalizes a design preliminarily after moving from the initial mold to the moulding model

6: air pump head: it is a tool used to shape glass solution under strong pressure by air compressor after the glass product is initially formed and moved to moulding

7: punch:? It is the mold of the bottle mouth of the big mouth bottle (wide mouth bottle). The size of punch affects the inside diameter of the bottle mouth.

8: core:? It is a tool to influence the inner diameter of small bottle mouth.

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