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Non-woven Fabric Maintenance
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 09, 2018

Non-woven fabric maintenance: the non-woven fabric should pay attention to the following points in the maintenance and collection: 1. 2. When storing in the new season, the plastic bags shall be sealed after washing, ironing and airing, and then laid flat in the wardrobe. Be careful to block out the light so as not to fade. Should often ventilate, dedusting dehumidify, cannot insolate. In the chest to put in anti-mildew, anti-moth tablets, so that cashmere products are not affected by the damp moldy insects. 3. The lining of the inner wear should be smooth with its matching coat, and hard objects such as pens, key bags and mobile phones should be kept in the pocket, so as to avoid local friction of the ball. Wear out to minimize friction with hard objects (such as the back of a sofa, armrest, desktop) and crochet. Wearing time is not easy to be too long, about 5 days must stop wearing or change wear, so that clothing resilience, so as to avoid fiber fatigue damage. 4. If there is any pilling, do not pull it hard, and use scissors to cut the ball away, so as not to be unable to repair due to mater.

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