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Skin Care Packaging Design Methods And Ideas
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2018

First of all, based on the existing domestic and foreign cosmetics brand packaging design way and method for collection and analysis, and went to the store of cosmetics counters on the investigation and study about the packing design, emphatically analyzed the brand to consumers is keen to buy, and to investigate the consumer choose and buy is popular for its brand packaging design way, understand now, the main characteristics of skin care products packaging design at home and abroad, and put forward some personal ideas on these designs. Second, by combining color, graphics, text, the packing design elements, and into the spirit of product demand for skin care products packaging design, analyzes their characteristics and advantages, and combining with the characteristics of packaging at home and abroad, find out the deficiencies, improve it, find the advantages, to learn, and then summarized, finally form the research idea and design principles; Thirdly, it analyzes the psychology and aesthetics of different groups, and combines the visual communication and humanized characteristics of skin care packaging design to conduct the overall design analysis. When packaging design, design the packaging design that suits oneself for the skin care product brand that chooses, have own characteristic and can attract consumer to buy desire.

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