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Skin With Hormone-enriched Cosmetics Can Become Addicted To Drugs.
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2018

"Hormones should not be present in cosmetics at all, but hormone-dependent dermatitis has been on the rise in recent years due to the misuse of products containing glucocorticoid." Cosmetics adverse medical quality management group deputy team leader, chief physician xian-yu zeng had exploded a 42-year-old woman, the woman in three years is often used to beauty parlour do care and spot whitening products, after a year ago has stopped, facial soon appear flush, casual, tight and dry discomfort, etc. After oneself were in domestic dermatitis ping, the symptom is good very quickly, after stopping medicine, unwell feeling aggravates again. Zeng xianyu diagnosed her as rosacea with hormone-dependent dermatitis. Because her skin is so addicted to hormones, the treatment of facial discomfort requires more medication, and every time she cries out in pain. After 2 months, the symptoms begin to ease. Zeng told reporters that hormone-dependent dermatitis treatment is very difficult, the patient's skin to hormone dependence, as if "drug addiction", treatment as difficult as drug withdrawal.

"In recent years, online shopping and wechat business have become popular. According to the skin reaction of many outpatients after use, a considerable number of products may have added glucocorticoid." 'a lot of people have no skin problems,' Mr. Zeng said. It feels good when you first use it. The skin is red, itchy and painful after a stop. This is a typical hormone-dependent dermatitis. Such patients can be encountered almost every day in an outpatient clinic.

There is a lack of uniform standards for cosmeceuticals

Nowadays, many consumers also pay attention to the safety of cosmetics and prefer to wear "safe" cosmeceuticals. According to zeng, cosmetics are classified into special cosmetics and ordinary cosmetics. Currently, there is no such category in China's cosmetics classification.

First, the spread of cosmeceuticals, the state has no unified standards; Second, there are too many commercial channels. Through advertising and sales in the circle of friends, excessive exaggerating of the propaganda trend, and the supervision is difficult. Medicine makeup is in France is approbated by dermatologists, originally refers to the composition is relatively simple, appear less irritation and allergic reactions, according to one type of skin problem has auxiliary therapeutic effect of cosmetics. At present, domestic cosmetics often "flaunted" themselves as cosmeceuticals, and the state has not issued clear unified industry standards, no departments to supervise, citizens are also difficult zhen broken.

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