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Skincare Packaging The Green Of The Packaging
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Skincare packaging The green of the packaging

Environmental protection awareness of the use of all walks of life products are gradually more environmentally friendly green, then, cosmetics packaging is how the green? With Xiao Bian together to explore: for a cosmetics, the consumer Concern is undoubtedly one of the products; However, the packaging of cosmetics in fact also embodies a lot of effort of producers, even in the proportion of product prices are not low. In 2015, for example, China's cosmetics packaging industry market size of about 25.67 billion yuan. The first quarter of 2016, China's cosmetics packaging industry market size reached 6.69 billion yuan, operating income of 5.46 billion, the total profit of 330 million. According to the British business information consulting services company Visiongain forecast: 2016, the international cosmetics packaging market is expected to reach 324 billion US dollars. The traditional cosmetic packaging mainly in paper, plastic, glass, metal and so on. And with the green, the concept of environmental protection enjoys popular support, cosmetics packaging also began to walk "green wind". A variety of innovative environmentally friendly materials, has been applied to this industry.


A transparent, non-crystalline copolyester, with glass-like transparency, gloss, chemical resistance, impact resistance, recyclable. Has been applied to perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles, lipstick tube, cosmetic boxes and so on.

Bamboo plastic

To bamboo fiber, bamboo powder as raw materials, alternative logs, EPE foam as a buffer and packaging materials. Can reduce the use of wood pulp, reduce the destruction of forest trees; and bamboo growth process is fast, the process is more water-saving.

Bran paper

Use bran as a raw material to replace the same wood pulp and reduce the use of wood. At the same time, the product can also have the color of natural bran, giving a more environmentally friendly feeling.

Although the new environmentally friendly materials after another, green cosmetics packaging has become mainstream, but some enterprises are over-packaging situation. This result will not only increase the cost of the product and the consumer's purchase burden, but also cause a serious waste of resources. Even if the use of environmentally friendly materials, can not make up for its green side is not enough.

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