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The non-woven fabric production process is divided into
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2018

1. Water-spunky nonwoven fabric: the water-spunking process is to spray high pressure water to a layer or layer of fiber network, so that the fiber network can be strengthened and have a certain strength.

2. Heat-bonded non-woven fabric: heat-bonded non-woven fabric refers to adding fibrous or powder hot-melt adhesive reinforcement material to the fiber net, which is then heated, melted and cooled to form the fabric.

3. Pulp airflow into net non-woven cloth: airflow into net non-woven cloth can also be called dust-free paper, dry paper non-woven cloth. It is to use airflow into the net technology to open the wood pulp fiber board loose into a single fiber state, and then use the airflow method to make the fiber agglomerate on the net curtain, the fiber net reinforced into cloth.

4. Wet non-woven fabric: wet non-woven fabric is used to loosen the fiber materials in the water medium into a single fiber. At the same time, different fiber materials are mixed to make fiber suspension slurry, which is transported to the net forming mechanism.

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