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The Function And Effectiveness Of Essential Oils
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2016

Molecules of the essential oils can be different from 50-500. Under the nature of these molecules exist together in perfect 

proportion, so each plant has its own characteristics, and therefore to the wonders of the human body function is very broad.

Essence oils can prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, bacteria, prevent inflammation, spasm and promote cell 

metabolism and regeneration, make life more enjoyable. Some oils can regulate the endocrine organs, hormones, making the body's 

physical and mental activity, get a good development.

Doctors essential oils of plants more known effect, soothing and uplifting spirit that more psychological effect, but the effect 

not only of essential oil on it. Different types of essential oils have a variety of effects, for a number of diseases, there are 

soothing and alleviating the symptoms of. Essential oils are helpful for many diseases, combined with drug therapy, you can let 

the disease recover faster. And use in your daily life, you can play to the efficiency of air purification, disinfection, 

sterilization, and prevents a number of infectious diseases.

Essential oils for endocrine, metabolic, urinary, sexually transmitted diseases, immune system, gynecological diseases, muscles, 

bone diseases, skin diseases, physical symptoms and illnesses, neurological and psychiatric disorders, eye, ear, nose, mouth and 

teeth diseases, respiratory diseases, blood, circulatory system diseases, diseases of the digestive system with very good results.

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