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What Is The Concept Of Packaging Design
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 14, 2018

Packaging design is a combination of art and natural science, which is applied to the protection and beautification of the packaging. It is not a generalized "art", nor a simple decoration, but a multi-functional embodiment of the comprehensive elements of science, art, materials, economy, psychology and market.

There are two main functions of packaging: one is to protect products; the other is to beautify and publicize products. The basic task of packaging design is to complete the shape, structure and decoration design of product packaging scientifically and economically.

(1) packaging design

Packaging design, also known as shape design, mostly refers to the modeling of packaging containers. It uses aesthetic principles, through the changes in the shape, color and other factors, will have packaging functions and the beauty of the packaging container modeling, in the form of visual expression. Packaging containers must be able to reliably protect products. They must have excellent appearance and economic adaptability.

(2) packaging structure design

Packaging design is designed to consider the external and internal structure of packaging on the basis of the basic functions of the protection, convenience, reusability and other basic functions of the packaging. A good structural design should be the primary function of the effective protection of goods; secondly, the convenience of use, carrying, display and shipment should be considered, and the functions of reusing and displaying the interior should be considered as far as possible.

(3) packaging and decorating design

The design of packaging and decorating is an art form, such as pattern, text, color, and relief, to highlight the features and images of the products, and strive for the exquisite design, novel patterns, bright colors, bright characters, decoration and beautifying products to promote the sale of products. Packaging and decoration is a comprehensive science, not only a practical art, but also an engineering technology. It is an organic combination of Arts and crafts and engineering technology. It also considers market science, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines.

An excellent packaging design is the organic unity of the three kinds of packaging design, structure design and decoration design. Only in this way can the function of packaging design be fully played. Besides, packaging design involves not only the two academic fields of technology and art, but also many other related disciplines in their respective fields. Therefore, to get a good packaging design, it is necessary to work hard.

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