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What Should The High-end Cosmetic Packaging Design Pay Attention To?
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2018
  1. 1

  2. Use fashionable and transparent elements.

  3. Fashion transparent elements are commonly used in high-grade cosmetics packaging design elements, clear, transparent packaging can let a person have the feeling of be clear at a glance, can make consumers feel good sense of cosmetics, promotion effect is better than the cheap, thin plastic bottles.

  4. 2

  5. Good visual effects.

  6. Visual effect very valued in the high-end cosmetics industry, product depends on innovative packaging design to occupy the consumer market, packaging bottle can add pleasing design, can use different color, the difference between different functions of the same series products. For example, the same cosmetics, the purple bottle is suitable for people with oily skin, white bottles for dry skin, beige for dry skin and so on.

  7. 3

  8. Novel appearance design.

  9. In the upscale cosmetics packaging design, novel and fashionable packaging and cosmetics internal quality is also important, detail also can't be ignored, such as cap and bottle, detail of good, sometimes can play the role of dot eyeball. For example, in order to reduce the cost of a perfume brand, the perfume bottle cap is made of different plastic inserts. With the effect of dull yellow metal bottle cap, the bottle still makes people feel very upscale, the sales volume is not bad.

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