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Why Are Women's Cosmetics Mostly In Glass Bottles?
Hangzhou Lecos Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2018

The conventional cosmetic packaging material is plastic and glass. The glass bottle contains the following advantages:

Advanced sense, glass bottle gives a person the feeling that compares plastic bottle more advanced.

More weight, more weight in hand, more weight, feel more material.

More stable. Some full-oil types of cosmetics, not suitable for plastic bottles, oil will melt plastic. Glass bottles don't have this problem.

Glass is transparent and can be filled with some transparent, colorful cosmetics. Better display.

There is another issue that manufacturers are concerned about. Glass bottles are more convenient and thorough than plastic bottles. I am a cosmetic practitioner myself. To be honest, I hate plastic bottles. The glass can be baked in water because the glass is resistant to high temperature. Plastic bottles can not be high temperature, a heat on the melting, washing can not be washed, after washing the inside is water. Ozone, ultraviolet disinfection effect is very weak again, can send to special orgnaization to irradiation only, waste time and increase cost already, so plastic bottle is very annoying really.

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